Clean-up and Awareness Drive at Dabaguli Jatre

Dabaguli is a small shrine on the banks of the Cauvery river deep inside the forests. Every year a fair or Jatre is conducted at this spot which attracts over twenty thousand people from the surrounding villages. KANS had observed vast amounts of plastic litter left behind after this event. KANS volunteers got in touch with the organizers of the fair to encourage the use of environment friendly alternatives and to educate the devotees at large about the importance of not littering the forest.

At the 2011 Dabaguli Jatre, KANS sponsored the cost of arecanut leaf plates and 30 KANS volunteers personally cleaned up the mess at the fair site. The event was highly appreciated not only by the organizers of the event, but also by the thousands of devotees thronging the venue during the event. Thereafter, the Dabaguli Jatre clean-up has become a regular annual event for KANS. The general awareness of the organizers and the attendees of the event has significantly increased over the last two years. Starting 2012, some of the organizers and attendees are actively working with KANS volunteers for the education of the attendees at large and for the clean-up activities.

As of 2014, KANS continues its efforts to reduce the disturbance caused by the Annual Jathre at Dabaguli. By now, the Forest Department has taken over the entire responsibility to monitor the crowd. Senior officers and other staff members along with the Police department personally monitor the situation all day and late into the night. KANS has submitted a letter to the Forest Department and to the Collectorate suggesting steps to be taken to further mitigate this disturbance. KANS drives home the concern of keeping our forests clean and green through such examples of direct involvement and participation.