Kenneth Anderson Nature Society is a registered society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 formed to serve the cause of wildlife conservation in the Melagiri region. The affairs of the Society are managed by a dedicated Managing Committee elected by the general body. KANS enjoys a youthful profile driven by the passion. An extraordinary network of members from various walks of life brings together a wealth of resources. The activities of the society are funded by subscription from members and donations from well wishers and other like minded organisations.

KANS tries to address the root cause of problems facing wildlife conservation in the Melagiri and believes that this can only be done by engaging all the stakeholders. The broad thrust of our plan is summarised below:

  1. Relieve the pressure on these forests caused by exploitation of forests by humans for fodder and fuel. This is a development issue, and probably all causes of forest degradation in the Melagiris are rooted here.
  2. Strengthen the arm of the forest department by capacity building especially in the lower rungs that matter in the field. Sensitize other arms of the government administration to the cause of conservation.
  3. Advocacy of Melagiris as an important bio-diversity reserve and strengthen conservation of Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary (TN).


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