Conservation Education in Schools

KANS directly organizes, provides help in, and is involved in numerous initiatives and projects associated with wildlife awareness and education of children, young adults, and the public at large. These activities span a broad range including, but not limited to, the following:



Environment Awareness Education @ Schools in Melagiris

KANS have embarked on an Environment Awareness Education Program for the schools in the Fringes of Melagiri forests. As a part of the program we have designed an Education workshop Capsule containing interactive sessions, Presentations, Video Clips, Quizzes and competitions to impart Conservation education through an informal way to the students of schools and colleges
Program Objectives
Key Objectives which this program aims to accomplish are as below
 Educate the students in the Melagiri schools on the need and benefits of conservation
 Help them understand the importance of Environment, Natural resources and Forest in our day-to-day life and the role it plays in the overall life cycle of the eco-system
 Encourage Students to get a first-hand experience and discover the Flora, Fauna and bio-diversity around them
 Through Interactive and role based activities drive home the benefits of Conservation
 Instill in the younger generation a strong bondage and feeling of respect towards Melagiris and its inhabitants

This Program has been conducted in various schools in Melagiris and areas surrounding Melagiris.

  • Govt School Gummalapuram
  • Govt School Belakere
  • TVS School, Hosur

This Program has also been well received by the Forest Department and the Conservator of Forests,Tamilnadu has appreciated the efforts by KANS