Initiatives with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department

KANS is in regular touch with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department and renders assistance at every possible opportunity. KANS has taken up many welfare and educational initiatives to support the TNFD staff. Some of the activities are as follows:


Uniform Kit Donations

The Forest Watchers are the foot soldiers of the forest department. They are poorly paid and undertake dangerous jobs such as pursuing armed poachers and driving elephants from scenes of conflict. These watchers are poorly equipped to deal with the perils of their jobs. KANS donated the complete uniform kit to watchers on two occasions. The quality and usefulness of the uniform kits have been much appreciated by the watchers. This program will be carried out as and when the the need arises.


Field Staff Training at Mudumalai and Nagarhole

KANS in assiciation with Wildlife First and Hosur Forest Division conducted a ‘Staff Training program’ at Mudumalai and Nagarhole Tiger Reserves from 24-28 August 2013. This was attended by the DFO Mr.Ulaganathan, ACF Mr. Soundarrajan, 2 Foresters, 5 Forest Guards, 6 Forest Watchers and 7 Anti-poaching Watchers.


Training for Range Officers

On 19th November 2010, a one day training program on various aspects of booking and prosecuting an offense under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Tamil Nadu Forest Act 1882, etc., was organised. The program was conducted by Mr.Praveen Bhargav, a member of National Board for Wildlife.


Training for Anti Poaching Watchers

A two day training program was arranged on 11th and 12th of August 2011 at Rasimanal and Ugganiyam in Hosur Forest division. This program covered the various aspects of anti-poaching activities, foot patrols, field craft, etc. The program was conducted by Mr.Praveen Bhargav and Mr.K.M.Chinappa of Wildlife First.


Man-Elephant Conflict

The Melagiri region sees high level of man elephant conflict. KANS closely monitors this tragic situation. It is seen that the level of conflict has been increasing and displacement of elephant has also been increasing. Elephants have now begun to move into areas that have not seen elephant activity in living memory. KANS believes that finding lasting solutions to this problem will be one of the most important activities in the coming years. KANS is ideally positioned to interact both with the government administration and civil society to catalyse joint solutions.


Medical Camps for Forest Department Staff and Local Tribals

Hosur Forest Division is very huge. Many of the villages deep within the forests are far away from medical facilities. KANS organises medical camps from time to time for the benefit of these tribal villages and the forest department staff. These are recurring camps organised whenever members of KANS who are also doctors find the time.


Donation of Patrol Boats

A large tract of the Melagiri forest lies on either side of the cauvery river where it enters Tamil Nadu. This stretch harbours rich wildlife and is also a place of poaching, timber smuggling, and other illegal activities. On 13th August 2011 KANS donated a motorized inflatable raft to help the Forest Department effectively patrol this long stretch of Cauvery. KANS has also organised repair and service of the old boats and outboard motors which were available with the forest department. These measures are improving the ability of the Forest Department in providing effective deterrent to illegal activities in this valuable stretch of forest.