Pressures on the Forests of Melagiri

KANS members carefully document and share information regarding various pressures on the forests of Melagiri from poaching, grazing of goats, penning of cattle, lopping timber, unauthorized events inside the forest etc. Important information is compiled and reported to forest department authorities and are followed up so that necessary action can be taken.

KANS has documented the illegal religious structures and checkdams in and around the forests of Melagiris and this is being followed up with forest department and revenue authorities.


KANS has suggested an alternative route to Betamugilalam which would by-pass the critical water-hole of Samieri. The proposal (attached at the end) has been accepted by both the District Forest Officer and the Sub-Collector. When implemented, the new road will ensure that human-animal conflict and littering at Samieri is eliminated, and 5 villages would benefit from better bus connectivity.


KANS also works with the local community to reduce the threats caused by various events organized in the forest. KANS volunteers have been working with the forest department staff and organizers for reducing the disturbances caused by the annual jatre at Dabaguli temple in Urigam Range for the past two years.