Cameratrapping in Melagiris

Since May 2011 camera-traps have been silently and effectively documenting the biodiversity of Melagiri. As the animals in Melgiri are extremely timid and shy due to human interference, KANS decided that the best way to get photographic records was to deploy camera traps at different locations in the field. Along with obtaining photographic evidences of fauna, camera traps also help in capturing movement of goats and identifying human disturbances such as vehicular movement, movement of people along forest trails/tracks etc.


Most of these camera traps are donated by members and there is a small dedicated team which checks on the traps, brings back photos and locates new spots for further camera trapping. These have been successful in getting photographs of Leopard, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Sambar Deer, Elephant, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Jungle Cat, Porcupine and a few birds.